About Us

Elliott Davidson founded this company with his skill and knowledge of diamonds and jewelry that he has earned through almost a decade of learning wholesaling and distributing these products throughout the country and jewelry stores worldwide. He saw a big gap between the way retail stores really care for their clients and how quickly they just want to make a sale.

In order to properly educate himself, he sat, learned, and listened to his fellow industry peers, most importantly his uncle, Ivan Perlman.  Ivan and Elliott partnered on this endeavor to help bring to light the best way to provide the customer with exactly what they want and none of the tall tales you hear about diamonds and jewelry elsewhere.  Your diamond, your jewelry, your happiness.

Here at Eli David Designs, we do not want to just sell you a product, but offer you an experience. We do not limit our company to just the 4 C's of diamonds, but rather we take in to consideration a few other important C's with every item we provide. The Customer and the Customization of their needs and desires.

If you see an item, but it seems too expensive for your pallet or its not exactly what you want and you would like to possibly alter it in some way, shape or form, Call us. We want to work with you to create your perfect piece.